A guide to online investments.

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A guide to online investments.

Online investment involves trading the financial market through the internet. It is the buying and selling of securities (i.e financial instruments that hold value and can be traded) through online brokers. The development of technology has made trading online as quick and easy as a click of a button. Forex, penny stocks which are often unregulated, binary options, cryptocurrency trading and exchange are popular online investments carried out by individuals on various online platforms daily. There are several companies that help individuals carry out their trading online by providing a platform for trading. 

Making money involves making a lot of investments and online investment is a way to make quick returns because they are high yield investment which also makes them high risk. One of the risks involved include losing the capital invested either to fraudulent investment companies or to bad investments. 

Why should I invest

I really don’t feel anyone should be asking this question especially after what the world went through in 2020. Jobs were lost without notice, families thrown into financial crisis, many lost their sole providers. We are in uncertain times now due to the pandemic so it’s also very important to prepare for the unexpected and the best way to do that is to be financially stable. The more money you have, the more financial stability you have. 

When should I invest 

There is no better time than now. There are a whole lot of investment opportunities that opened up due to the lockdown experienced in many countries. The lockdown drove more people to work remotely and discover ways to make money while online from the safety of their homes.

How should I invest

One rule of investment is to only invest money you can afford to lose. No one plans to lose money while investing but it’s very important to only invest money you can lose especially for high risk investments. Also, start your investment with as little money as you can. You must be very clear and certain about the amount of money you intend to invest. Do not be tempted to exceed the budget.

Where should I invest

Invest only in companies you have researched thoroughly. Ensure they have good reviews and recommendations from people you trust. It’s easy to be seduced by sales persons from various trading companies with their offers, but the key is remaining focused and disciplined enough to carry out your research and take your time when making your decisions. Get as much information about the investment, company and the broker or sales person. It is important to be 100% convinced you’re not investing in a scam company.

Advantages and the risks involved in online investments.


  High returns in short time

  • It’s an easy way to make money 
  • It doesn’t require a vey large capital, you can invest with as little as you have.
  • You decide how you want to invest your money


  • You can lose your money; they’re mainly high risk investments.
  • You can become a victim of scam brokers.

Read further to find out ways to manage some of the risks involved.

How to spot an investment that’s going south.

It is very important to spot an investment going south on time so as not to lose more money. The first sign of an investment going sour is when you can’t make withdrawal. When the investment platform is coming up with various reasons why you can’t make withdrawal and are requesting for more money to unlock your earnings, do not pay more money. That’s one of the ways scam investment companies make more money from scammed victims. Also, if you’ve be locked out from your account or cannot make further transactions and the customer service is unresponsive to your complaints, you’re probably being swindled by that company. In these situations, the faster you act, the better your chances of getting a positive result. Act fast and act smart.

What should I do when I’ve been scammed by my investment platform.

There are a couple of reasons why investments go south and the quicker you act in these circumstances, the more favorable the outcome. 

The first step is to report to your local authority. 

The next highly recommended step is to contact a recovery expert. Fund recovery experts are a group of financial, legal and investigative professionals who help victims of regulated and unregulated trading scams get their lost money back. They make use of modern recovery tools, technology and strategies to help victims of various money scams recover their money.

These professionals have mastered the act of tracking down fraudulent brokers using modern technology. Investigators247 is one of the fund recovery experts with the latest technology for tracking and recovering funds. 

In summary, making more money has now become a necessity and online investment platforms are a quick and easy way to make more money. The first step to take is to research the investment type, broker and platform before investing your hard earned money but there’s always a possibility of being scammed. The best step after being scammed is consulting a professional fund recovery expert.

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