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In spite of having several choices like social media and SMS options, people consider calling as an easy option. It is not only considered as an easier means but also an interesting medium of communication. This is especially true when your partner is in another relationship or when your employee is discussing company stuff with rivalries.

Calling makes the job easy and it gives an immediate response to the conversations compared to chat and it doesn’t leave a trace of what was talked about. With the advancement in technology, spying call history as well as recording calls has been made very easy. There are monitoring tools and apps available that provide the complete details of the target number like call history, messages, and others.

Call history can contain a lot of information, like the contact name, phone number, the date and duration of a call, whether it is incoming or outgoing, etc

Thus, all the details captured will be essential for parents, employers, and couples. Whatever spying devices you are making use of, it’s just as simple as that to log in your account in order to get a complete understanding of the calls that have been sent and received by the target device.

Best Apps to Check Call History

It is not uncommon to find different apps online when searching for ways to gain remote access into cell phones. Apart from checking call histories, there are also options to check chat messages, multimedia files, ambient recording, and other cool stuff.

The best way to check call history is with the help of a hacker or phone monitoring devices

1)     Phone Monitoring

Investigators247 has the capability to intrude into the target system and capture all the details that you wish for. A good phone monitoring service can perform various tasks apart from monitoring call history on a target phone. For instance, a powerful spyware and service needs no access to the target device. You can track all the social media activities, call logs, location, messaging apps, etc. We are talking about a versatile, sophisticated and innovative service.

A service like this allows parents, employers and married couples to track the activities of others, particularly children, employees, and partners. With this tool, you can monitor the activities of someone on their cell phone.

  • Using this tool, you can check track someone’s call logs, even deleted call logs remotely.
  • Text messages, as well as social media messages like Facebook and WhatsApp messages, can also be tracked
  • Remotely view the web browser history of the target and all the websites visited by the target.
  • This works stealthily on the target device, preventing detection and providing effective monitoring.
  • You can even monitor the app installed on the target device.

The hack can also be customized to what you require access to and the level of access you require.


2)  KidsGuard Pro

There are a few reasons which make KidsGuard Pro a good idea to track other’s call history. Some of the noteworthy features are listed below.

  • It records every outgoing, incoming or missed calls and also shows the detailed information, like contact information, call duration and etc.
  • It will provide you a list of the most frequent contacts.
  • It has the ability to track the target device remotely. You don’t have to touch the cell phone every time to check files.
  • Call history is uploaded in real-time with 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. KidsGuard Pro will also upload text messages, social media chat history, current locations, browser history, keystrokes and etc.

Limitations of using KidsGuard Pro to hack mobile call history online

  • You must have access to the target device.
  • The app can be discovered by the target as it requires download of the app on the target device

How to hack mobile calls using KidsGuard Pro

  1. Create a KidsGuard Pro account

Click on the Signup button to register for a KidsGuard Pro account and go on to purchase a premium plan to use all advanced monitoring features.

  1. On the target device, download KidsGuard Pro app

To continue, open the target phone browser and download the app.

Once the app has been successfully installed, log in and follow the on-screen setup wizard and allow some necessary permissions. If you don’t want to drop a clue of anyone noticing you want to track their cell phone, then the best practice would be to clear browsing history and the APK file.

  1. Log in the online dashboard and view call history

Now go back to KidsGuard Pro website and connect the cell phone. You will enter the dashboard after that, from where select Call Logs to continue. This app also allows you check other data, just switch the file types from the dashboard.


3) How to Hack Phone Calls with Mobile Service Providers

Mobile Service Provider (MSP) is those companies which provide transmission services to users of smart phones as well as tablet, through RF signals, rather than through wired, end-to-end communication. So, can you use these service providers to hack mobile phone call history? Yes, your mobile service providers will collect the phone number you dialled and received as well as the time of each call. But this method has limitations unlike Hacknerd that does everything 100%.

Limitations of using mobile service provider to hack mobile call history online

  • You must provide the service provider account and password to login the online service.
  • Some carrier providers only allow you to check the latest 100 records of call history.

How to use mobile providers

Although no method can actually be compared with hiring a hacker it is effective in hacking mobile phone calls, they are worthy noting. Here we listed 3 famous network provider companies.


  • Go to the My Verizon login page.
  • Enter your 10-digit prepaid phone number or user ID.
  • Click Sign in.
  • Go to My Usage page and select the line you want to view.
  • To view the call history, click on View minutes details.


  • Log in AT&T official website.
  • Select the Call History tab.
  • You can select a title such as Name or Number to sort by caller, or download call logs in XLS, CSV or PDF file format.

T – Mobile

  • Sign in to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  • Click on Usage.
  • Then select Calls.
  • Scroll down and you can find Download Usage Records option. This will save the call logs to your computer.


People around the world want to know how to check someone’s call history online for parenting, business or other needs. You can use a spying tool for this task, but there is a risk of data leak if you use an unreliable tool. If you want to find out more about phone hack, call history, records, WhatsApp hack and many more, send us an email by filling the contact page

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