How to track a Phone location

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How to track a Phone location

It can be a dreadful experience when your phone gets lost because it can contain all of the information and all the memories associated with it.

In this article, we will write about how to track phone location easily without any problems.

Tracking phone location is not all so techie like you see in the movies, but you can perform it in real life efficiently without any issues. A tracking app is so common that many people use to track their family, partners, and children’s location. Phone tracking can help you ensure that your family members are safe and well.

Tracking for android devices

People with Android devices can easily use the find my device services provided by Google. Since google account is logged mainly in android devices, it can easily get tracked with the  “finding my device” option. There is also some option of locking or resetting your phone remotely so that other people cannot access your valuable financial and private information.

With the Android device, you can send a message or make calls remotely so that your lost device has a higher chance of return. An updated version of android finds my tool can also assist you indoors in malls, colleges, and airports if your phone gets lost in crowded areas.

Tracking for ios devices

iPhone and iPad users can easily track their lost phone using find my iPhone services in the ios operating system by apple. You can track your phone with the use of your iCloud service. This feature has been part of the ios security system since ios version 5. It will show you the device’s location and the recent location where your device has gone.

You can also lock and send a message on your device remotely show that anyone cannot access your data. You can also use this service to track your loved ones’ device to check their status if you have their iCloud credentials.

Nowadays, phone manufacture also installs its tracking system on their phone. Phone manufacturers use a GPS tracking system to get the exact location of your devices.

Tracking a device without permission

You should get proper permission to track someones else device, respecting their privacy, but if you need to track the device without authorization, it can be done. Tracking not only applies to fancy devices like iPhone and android but also on regular handsets with capabilities of the GPS. You can track the exact location of many devices using the IP address of the device also.

Apart from these standard tracking systems like finding my device, finding my phone, and finding my friends, many commercial applications are also available, which you can use to make unauthorized access to someone else’s devices. Some applications that can help you with unauthorized tracking include Minspy, Accutracking, etc.

Tracking a phone location can be quickly done using several services to help you make authorized access to your lost devices or unauthorized access to people’s phone location.

Most effective way to track phone location

I have thought of the most convenient  and effective way to track a phone, whether it is switched off or not! A Hacker can help you with Phone hacking to give information about a phone location, usage and history. Some of the Best and reliable hackers can be contacted on or simply send an email to 

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