Infidelity in Relationships

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Infidelity in Relationships

When you realize your partner is cheating, you’re bombarded with so many questions and insecurities; did I miss the sign, was I not good enough, did I do something wrong, did he ever love me?

All these questions and more make you sad especially if you love the person and have started  to plan your future with that person.

Finding out your partner is cheating sucks big time but know that you’re not alone.

Anita shares her story to remind friends and family to look out for each other in relationships.

“He was my world but I was his side piece”.

We started dating in 2018. We had an amazing relationship. He moved in with me because I had a larger space and we were planning our future together. We decided to visit my parents for thanksgiving because I wanted him to meet my family. Time with my family was great and he spoke a lot about our future together. I was super excited because I really loved him.

2 weeks after we returned from thanksgiving dinner with my family, I got a call from my dad to come home; he wanted to talk to me. That was the beginning of my heartbreak.

He started with confessing that he always runs background checks on anyone we were involved with. He  has a private investigator that gets him any information he needs about anyone so he sent my boyfriends name to him. It turns out my boyfriend was engaged to be married in December.

Now his every weekend trip home to see his ‘family’ made sense. He was going to see his fiancé. I had asked him a couple of times if I could go with him so I would meet his family and he refused.

The man I loved with all my heart was engaged to be married at the end of the year. I could not believe it but laid out in front of me were pictures and other evidences to show he was a cheating garbage.

I confronted him when I got home and all he could say was he was going to tell me, he just didn’t know how to tell me.

I told him to pack his stuff, drop my keys and be gone before I woke up in the morning.

I took a long time to get over him but the support from my family made it easier.

I’m lucky to have a daddy who looks after his baby girl.”

After finding out your partner is cheating, you’ll feel like you can’t survive the heartache but the truth is you can, you’ll feel better with time.

And if you suspect your loved one is being cheated on, do your investigation and let them know. They deserve to know; then it’s up to them to decide their next course of action. His betrayal really hurt me, my self esteem took a hit and getting over the pain was a real struggle. Now, I advice people, even when there are no signs, get a private investigator, check to make sure your partner is not stepping out on you because it hurts more when you’re not prepared.’’

The use of modern-day technology has made cheating very easy to carryout and conceal from a partner. This, in turn, has made many cheaters come up with ridiculous reasons for cheating. Investigators247 comprises of a team of highly efficient and reputed hackers or private investigators you can rely on in ascertaining if your partner is cheating or not. Do not be like Emily above and be caught unaware, act fast and contact Investigators247 today via 

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