Infidelity- Why people cheat in relationship

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Infidelity- Why people cheat in relationship

It can be extremely devastating and heartbreaking to know that a partner is cheating. But beyond the feelings, one might continue to wonder and be left with an unanswered question as to the “Why” underlying the cheating or infidelity.

Cheating in relationships happen for a lot of reasons. One main reason may be due to a lack of relationship satisfaction. A successful relationship often means both people feel stable and secure. It often also requires physical and emotional intimacy. Deficiency in these areas can reduce relationship satisfaction and a lack of relationship satisfaction can make infidelity more likely to occur. Other reasons could be for confidence or ego boost, desire for a new sexual experience or a need for variety, sex addiction, avoidance of personal or relationship problems, revenge, opportunity, and several other reasons that cheaters come up with. Although the outcome of cheating is always the same, the reasons for cheating may differ. 

Many people who go through the betrayal of a cheating partner know that they will never want another person to experience the pain they have felt. Emily shares her story to make people more aware of the true status of their relationships, so they won’t be blindsided by a cheating partner.

‘’We had been married for 10 years with 3 amazing kids. I thought my life was perfect and I was having the best time of my life. I was a senior executive in my company and my husband’s business was doing well. Our relationship was smooth, and there were no signs of cheating from him. We were such an enviable and perfect family. In June 2019, my sister and I saw my husband at the hotel holding hands with another lady when we went to drop off our parents. He later told me she was an employee and they had just concluded meeting with a client. My sister asked me to investigate his story using a private investigator, but I brushed off the idea. She tried to convince me there was no harm in employing the services of a private investigator because I was looking out for myself. I reluctantly agreed just to make her stop pushing but I never followed through and I wish I did.

Two months after the incident, my husband eventually dropped the bomb. He confessed to cheating on me with his employee and he wanted a divorce because he was moving in with her. He said he wanted something ‘new’ when I asked why he chose to hurt me. It then dawned on me that I ought to have listened to my sister and gone ahead with the hiring of a private investigator. I would have been prepared and would have walked out on my own terms with my dignity. His betrayal really hurt me, my self esteem took a hit and getting over the pain was a real struggle. Now, I advice people, even when there are no signs, get a private investigator, check to make sure your partner is not stepping out on you because it hurts more when you’re not prepared.’’

The use of modern-day technology has made cheating very easy to carryout and conceal from a partner. This, in turn, has made many cheaters come up with ridiculous reasons for cheating. Investigators247 comprises of a team of highly efficient and reputed hackers or private investigators you can rely on in ascertaining if your partner is cheating or not. Do not be like Emily above and be caught unaware, act fast and contact Investigators247 today via 

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